Let us study the daily current affairs May 21 and let us recollect what are the historic events took place on this day (May21th).

India :


Tamil Nadu 10th Board Exams results are announced today by the state education minister.

The civil aviation department will now hand over the begumpet airport to the Indian Air Force(IAF).

The new upgraded IAF Mirage-2000 aircraft’s were tested for trail run which were delivered by france.

A masked man entered inside a ATM while a woman having transaction , the burglar had a pistol and shot on the walls and took the atm card , pin number and ran away.


Swacch Hyderabad campaign was a successful one as nearly 40thousand tons of garbage was removed from the citys of hyderabad with a span of few days.

Sports :

RCB vs RR (IPL Eliminator Match) – Result : RCB team has won over RR quite comfortably and by this RR team has lost with a huge margin.

GK Today :

Today is the Death anniversary of Rajiv Gandhi, he was assassinated by a human bomb explosion in the year 1991 at Tamil Nadu.

On this day Sushmita sen was awarded ” Miss Universe ” in the year 1994 and she was the 43rd person on this planet to receive that award.

On this day the year 1935 Quetta(pakistan) was hit with earthquake which took quite a lot of human life’s.

World Updates :

ISIS group holds full control of ancient syrian city ” Palmyra ”

A study has showed a devastating loss of about  $800492073 due to Cyber crimes in America.

The former CM of Tamil nadu Jayalallitha is likely to get the powers back as she was cleared from DA case.

A Bank officer steals the money of missing MH370 airplane and gets 6 years jail.

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