February Current Affairs 2015 based on International issues

Biggest Solar Telescope in Hawaii –

Hawaii - Biggest Solar Telescope


Biggest Solar telescope ever is going to be constructed in Hawaii  at a place near Maya. This construction process will be started in the year 2019. The advantages of such a big telescope for our mankind are in great number. The scientists can do research on the outer space environment and get to know new things about our solar system. Beyond that this can be used for knowing about dangers such as strikes of meteors/asteroids on to our planet. All these things can be possible with this telescope and many new things are going to be found out with this help.

Eastern Ukraine Crisis – Peace Talks

Eastern Ukraine - Russia Crisis

Earlier this week regarding Eastern Ukraine Crisis at “Belarus Meeting” there were few discussions and on Feb 11, 2015 the peace talks have concluded. This was a ceasefire agreement which was done between Ukraine and Pro Russian troops. Both these groups have agreed to the peace talks and this was started to implementation from February 15th of 2015. By this talks a large number of troops have been called off and the pro Russian troops areas are given special status.


India gets 136th Rank worldwide – Freedom of Speech

India Print Media - 136th Rank in World Wide Survey

There has been a survey worldwide on “Freedom of Speech for Print Journalists ” and in that rankings ‘India’ has got 136th rank. The total number of countries in this survey were 180 countries. In this big list the following countries took the first three positions in the worldwide list and they are Finland, Norway and Denmark. While coming to the previous statistics for India in last year 2014, India was ranked 140th and now in 2015 they have gone forward up to 4 ranks which is a good sign.


Islamic State - ISIS, ISIL ,IS

The funds which are getting transferred to Islamic State (IS) are going to stopped by the new Bill and this has been sanctioned unanimously by all members of that Iraq organisation. By this bill now the agencies will have restrictions while dealing with IS and Al-Qaeda groups on Oil and petroleum products.

Dumping of plastic wastage in Ocean –

Dumping Plastic Waste into Ocean Waters

According to Science Journal in 2010, approximately about 8 million tons of plastic waste was dumped into the ocean waters. In 1961 according to statistics the plastic production was about the same volume(8 Million) . For the first time in the world the dumping of wastage in oceans is being calculated. If we go more deep into the statistics 83 percent of this while wastage belongs to 20 countries worldwide. In which china is at top position since it is producing 8.82 million tons of plastic wastage every year and where as India is standing at 12th position by producing 0.6 million tons of wastage.

In coming years the 192 countries which are present on coastal areas should restrict themselves to produce such heavy wastage or else in coming decade the percentage of wastage in the world will be going to be doubled according to the current statistics.

February Current Affairs 2015


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