Full list for ” Policies of Telangana State ” are mentioned in detailed way at this webpage. The new twenty ninth state of the country Telangana has announced many policies and schemes from 2014-2015-2016 for the welfare of the citizens in state of TS. The government has introduced many latest development programmes for rural and urban places in telangana.

Full list for Policies of Telangana State


New Developments day to day in Telangana :

C.M K Chandra shekar rao has laid the foundation stone for ” Telangana Palle Pragathi Project ” at Kowdipally, Medak District.

Full list of Policies of Telangana State from year 2014-2015-2016 :

Mission Kakatiya (మిషన్ కాకతీయ) –

Development and restoring of 46300 tanks in telangana will be done. For this prestigious project government of TS is spending about 20,000 crore INR. Main purpose of this mission is to provide water for various sectors like farming sector, livestock sector and many more. By this mission there will be more economy to telangana and the production values will also be increased in a positive way. This mission is also known as ” Mana Vooru Mana Cheruvu “. The name ” Kakatiya ” for the mission was taken from our ancient kakatiya rulers who had a great vision for improving irrigation facilities at telangana state. This project was started in the month of July 2014 year.


Telangana Water Grid Project Mission  –

The motto of ” Telangana Water Grid ” (TWG) project is to provide 100 litres of healthy drinking water per individual in rural areas. Also known as “Jala Haram” in telugu. while coming to urban areas each person should get 150 litres of healthy clean pure drinking water. TWG project is one of the prestigious projects list of telangana state. Irrigation minister Mr. Harish Rao has been working on this project from the day of his appointment as minister. This project is one of the main thing in the telangana’s to-do list. The government will be using latest technology for this Water grid project. They named it has ” Smart Water Grid ” as they are using various new technological strategies to obtain best results. C.M KCR  is monitoring all these project things via Secretariats ” System Control and Data Access ( SCDA) technology.

SWACHH Telangana/Hyderabad Mission

As we all know that ” Swachh Bharat ” campaign was introduced by our beloved prime minister Mr. Narendra modi and it was a great success. Similarly in state of telangana the ” Swachh Telangana ” campaign started by Chief minister of the state telangana Mr. K Chanrashekara Rao. Later ” Swacch Hyderabad ” was also started and this mission was taken up by many film artists and sports persons for the development of this cause. Telangana government has allocated 200 crore rupees fund for swachh hyderabad campaign.  Even niti ayogg comittee has sent 75 crore rupees for this swachh telangana campaign. This mission was started officially on May 22nd 2015 by CM KCR and Governor of the state telangana Mr. ESL Narsimhan.

Telangana Haritha Haram Mission

The mission ” Telangana ku Haritha Haram ” was launched by honourable chief minister of TS Mr. KCR on 3rd July 2015 (03/07/15) at chilkur , RR Dist. The forest minister of telangana state Mr. Jogu Ramanna is the key person for taking measure on this mission. His team will be developing strategies and plans to develop the trees and forest area.  The motto of the mission is to plant 230 crore seedlings in the state of telangana. From this 230 crore seedlings , 130 crore seedlings will be outside forest and 44% of seedlings will be in forest area. Remaining 4% are proposed to planted in GHMC/HMDA limits.

Telangana State Industrial Policy (TS iPASS) –

The telangana government has introduced this new industrial policy ” TS iPASS ” on 12th June 2014. The motto of this mission is to bring ” single window policy ” ; it means that whenever a company or investor wants to setup a industry/company at state of telangana. They need not roam around different offices present at state but they can simply visit the official website and submit the required documents to the concerned department by which they will get their licenses and things to get work started at telangana. This has been already started and came into force by TS iPASS Act 2014. Many such new programs called ” T-Idea Incentive scheme was introduced in year 2014 by G.O Ms.No.28.

Mana Vooru Mana Pranalika – Now continued as ” Grama Jyothi Misssion ”

Telangana Grama Jyothi Mission Project details : This mission is to improve the service for rural areas in state of telangana by making best strategies in core sectors. At Gram Panchayat level all the things are being done so that things get quick and easy to solve. The number of rural districts in state are 9 and Number of mandals in telangana are 438 , Number of Gram panchayats in Telangana(TS) are 8695, Number of MPTCs are 6441 and Number of Ward members are 87838. All these are collectively working for developing the villages of state telangana under the guidance of many experts. This mission comes under department of ” Panchayati Raj ” and the minister for this department is Mr. K Taraka Ramarao.

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List of Telangana Schemes 2014-15-16 :

Kalyana Lakshmi / Shaadhi Mubarak –

Telangana Kalyana Lakshmi scheme and Telangana Shaadi Mubarak scheme has come into force from date of October 2 , 2014. Within three months from the rule the TS government has started this scheme and given Rs.51000 as a financial assistance to women who are getting married.

Unmarried women (SC/ST/Minority Family) who are above 18 years and parental income should not cross 2lakh rupees will get this schemes. Government has spent over 129 crore rupees and still continuing this shceme successfully in state telangana.

Arogya Lakshmi

Telangana Arogya Lakshmi is a great initiative by TS government. Motto of this scheme is that every pregnant women in state will get one nutritious meal every day for that 9 months of period. Not only preganant women even lactating women and small children aged around 6 will come into this scheme. All these things will be taken care by Anganwadi centres present in each area of telangana. Government is spending over 627.96 crore rupees from last year. This scheme was official launched by CM KCR on January 1st 2015.

Aasara Pensions –

By “Aasara Pension scheme “, People who are in old age and widows , toddy tappers ,disabled weavers,  HIV-Aids patients will get basic essential needs for livings. These people are mostly people who have lost their way of income sources so government has decided to help them and its presently running. This schemes comes under social safety net strategy welfare mission of telangana state. This new ” Aasara ” pension scheme will give people pensions on different categories. Old aged people get from 200 INR to 1000 INR , Widows and other mentioned people above will get from 500 INR to 1500 INR. Till now the TS government has spent over 4700 crore INR for this pension scheme.

Housing for the Poor –

The main motto of this ” Telangana Housing for Poor ” scheme is to improve the standard of living for the poor. TS government is planning to give 2BHK flats in Hyderabad and other urban areas. Already the construction work has been started and there is special colony for these houses. The colony is present at IDH colony in Bhoiguda , secunderabad city in telangana. Government is spending about 37 crore rupees for this poor welfare project.

Strengthen of Security Apparatus –

To strengthen the security and various other departments. The TS government has introduced many new things for Police department. Telangana government has spent 270 crore INR for purchasing of new vehicles for Cyberabad and Hyderabad police departments. A total of 4,433 vehicles have been given to number of police stations based on requirement. Another important project which TS government is ” CCTV Project “. The main aim of TS government is install 1 lakh cctv’s around the city of hyderabad for maintaining safety and security measures. By 2016 this project will be completed and I hope hyderabad will be safe under these security measures.

Land Distributions to Dalits –

According to statistics from TS Government, women from Dalit(959 Schedule Caste members) have got nearly 2524 lands for agriculture purpose. Also government is helping farmers in setting up irrigation and other methods to improve agriculture so that there will be no more suicides in state of telangana. For the very first year TG government has spent over 94 crore INR for these purposes.

Rice Distribution –

Nearly 87.57 lakh eligible families are getting rice at rate of Rs.1 per KG since January 1st 2015 till date.  This scheme is applicable to each and every person in a family irrespective of members present. Each person is sanctioned upto 6KG’s and for this TG welfare project every month government requires 1.80 lakh MT of rice. Not only rural, urban area families even schools and hostels are getting this scheme. Main aim is to eradicate hunger deaths in the state of telangana.

SHE Teams –

SHE team is one of the program from list of women/girl safety and security missions. The SHE team is a special force to tackle eve-teasers and stalkers present in urban areas and rural areas. Telangana government has made a 7 member committee which is headed by ” IAS officer Poonam Malakondaiah ” under his guidance various programmes are taking place for women safety & security in state of telangana. These programes under Telangana Policies pdf and Telangana Schemes list pdf. SHE team came into Force on April 1st 2015.

All these programmes mentioned above have been introduced in state of telangana for development and welfare of people. In just few months telangana state has achieved a great fame throughout the world. Many top companies like Google, Amazon and many others have agreed to set up their main outsourcing companies in Telangana, India.

Now this topic ” Policies of Telangana State ” in telugu/english is trending since candidates/aspirants preparing for upcoming competitive exams like TSPSC AE/AEE exams , TSPSC Group 1/2/3/4 and etc are having this part of portion in their syllabus. In order to help these students we are providing basic details and information about ” new telangana policies and schemes ”  so that this can help you in preparations for exams.
(Source : telangana.gov.in)