Most of us by now have registered for the TSPSC one time registration system on the official site. Few users forgot or lost TSPSC ID so we are now going to teach them how to get the lost tspsc id back from the tspsc-government website.

Just follow through the detailed tutorial below and you will get back your registered tspsc id number.


Now candidates who missed their Telangana PSC ID will have to follow some basic steps by which our task will be completed.

First Method:

Write an email to the TSPSC Helpdesk team ( and put the main subject context clear so that your email is straight to the point.TSPSC-Gov-in

Provide some basic details as follows.
*Phone number which you have given while filling in the tspsc online application.
*Name of the TSPSC applicant
*Date of Birth according to SSC certificate
*The email which was registered while filling the TSPSC OTR application.



Second Method:-
Step 1:
Go to the official website of TSPSC (Link)

Step 2:

Now a user can find this type of message on the screen . Which has two button option by which a user can get their TSPSC ID registered. If you select “Edit” option the TSPSC OTR will be updated. So since we have lost our already registered OTR ID we need to select for “NEW” option.

Step 3:
Now user needs to enter the exact same details without missing any-option and category then submit it. so that a user will get his/her TSPSC lost ID back.

Step 4:
If you have entered all the exact same information which was posted to the TSPSC OTR application webpage when you have registered for the 1st time. Then you will get the same ID displayed on the screen.

For suppose a user has entered a new information then there is a chance of getting ” New TSPSC-ID ” instead of old TSPSC-ID. So be careful while entering the details of yours.

Examples of entering new details: ‘Mentioning of religion details differently’ or ‘ Mentioning of fee claim or Community ‘.

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Hope this information helps you to fulfill your wish i.e TSPSC ID back from the TSPSC OTR webpage. If you have any queries comment below and we will respond as soon as possible.