Hello Telangana aspirants of tspsc group 2 exam , now let us see the paper wise exam syllabus and latest updates or improvements took place in the portion of TSPSC Group 2 Exam Syllabus 2015-16-17. The no. of job posts in telangana Group-2/Group-II are 434+593 govt posts are present for the year 2016.

The new state telangana has finally formed and it has already completed 2 successful years. Now Chief minister of state Mr. KCR has signed important file by which we will get tspsc notification in all the group I, group II, group III and group 4 in coming few days. So we should be prepared for the exams. For that purpose we are now providing the TS Group 2 exam portion paper wise in english/telugu.


TSPSC Group2 Exam syllabus Portion 2015-16

TSPSC Group 2 Examination 2016-17 Updates :

Let now check details of exam papers and its portion paperwise. We hope this information helps you in getting your preparation in right way.

TSPSC Group 2 PAPER- 1 Syllabus Topics :

Telangana PSC group 2 paper 1 consists of General studies and General Abilities.

TSPSC Group 2 PAPER- 2 Syllabus Topics :

Telangana PSC Group 2 paper 2 consists of History , Polity and Society.

  • Indian History.
  • Socio-cultural history of Telangana state(TS) and formation of TS.
  • Overview of Indian Constitution and politics
  • Social Structure, issues and public policies.

TSPSC Group 2 PAPER- 3 Syllabus Topics :

Telangana  PSC group 2 paper 3 consists of Economy and Development.

  • Indian economy : Issues and Challenges
  • Economy and development of Telangana state.
  • Issues of Development and Change.

TSPSC Group 2 PAPER- 4 Syllabus Topics :

Telangana PSC group 2 paper 4 is the last paper which you will face during exam. This paper-IV consists of Telangana Movement and State formation topics covered.

  • The Idea of Telangana (1948 to 1970 year)
  • Mobilisation Phase (1971 to 1990 year)
  • Towards the formation of new state telangana (1991 to 2014 year)

PART-B : Final Round – Interview 

It consists of 75 marks which is crucial in recruitment process. It decides our final marks. So prepare well for this round. Do not neglect the interview round. How to crack tspsc group 2 exam interview is the main question asked by candidates. For that only answer we can give is stay updated to the current/trending topics in nation and international. Have a good grip on what you talk in front of interviewers and see that you know meaning of words which you use while answering the questions asked by them. Candidates preparing in Telugu medium should read newspapers, editorials. Candidates preparing in english medium should read the standard newspapers like “TheHindu” to improve the english grammer skills and interview manners.

Tips to Crack TSPSC Group2 Exam 2017:

From our side we are suggesting candidates to go through various important historic events took place in telangana. Dig into various sources available at internet and books available in the market. Stay updated to the latest happening in the world which will cover the current affairs of telangana 2016-17.

Download TSPSC Group 2 Exam Syllabus Pdf

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