We Indians have got a new state for our country in the year 2014. According to ‘Constitution of India‘, it is 29th state of our country and the name of the state is ” Telangana “. After many agitations and sacrifices by students of Telangana the previous ruling party(central) ” Indian National Congress ” has given a statement that they will move the bifurcation bill pass in the parliament. It was only possible because it has been accepted by different elected leaders of parliament.

At the end of the day all have stood on their promise for a new state and the INC Party has given their full support towards new state for the people of Telangana, they were fighting for it from last 6 decades(60 years) after the independence.  The senior political leader and chief of TRS party Mr. K Chandrashekar Rao has played an important role in bringing the new state ” Telangana”.


The united Andhra Pradesh state re-organisation act bill process was completed on March 1st 2014, after the signature of the president of India Mr. Pranab mukherjee and the appointed day was given for June 2nd of the year 2014 . So according to Indian constitution the formation of telangana state is March 1st 2014 but according to official announcement the telangana state formation day is and will be “June 2nd 2014 “.

Telangana State Logo

After few months exactly on the date 2nd of june 2014 ” Telangana ” state has born and the united Andhra Pradesh was bifurcated. Telangana state is located in the southern region of India with an area of about 114,840 km². For the record the Telangana state is 12th largest in the country and also telangana holds/stands 12th rank at Indian population statistics . According to AP Re-organisation Act for next 10 years the capital of the state for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana will be ” Hyderabad “. The First chief minister of the state ” Telangana ” is “Kalavakuntla Chandrashekar Rao “ and the governor is ” K L Narasimhan “.

K.ChandraShekar Rao(KCR)


Where as on the other side the first chief minister for the new Andhra Pradesh state is ” Nara Chandra Babu Naidu” and here the governor is also the same person who is in telangana.
For more Information on Telangana state government you can check the below link. So that you can find out the latest happenings about telangana policies and schemes.

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